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What is coaching?

Put simply, coaching is helping you to see where you are now, determine where you want to be and then supporting you to get there. My coaching sessions are bespoke to each client and I work with you to ensure you get the most from our sessions together. For one client this might be very goal focussed, setting tasks each session to ensure you progress and for another client this might be more focussed on having one hour to openly talk to a non-judgemental, impartial coach in complete confidence.

Is there a difference between life coaching and career coaching?

Life coaching and career coaching are all very similar in that each involve confidential, non-judgemental conversations to help you progress. In life coaching this progression might be around what you want to do with your life or helping you with a difficult situation or decision at home. In career coaching this might be around getting a promotion, changing career or finding a good work life balance.  These often overlap and I have experience in supporting clients with each of these areas.

Is life coaching the same as counselling or therapy? 

No. Whilst I am a qualified life coach I am not a qualified therapist, if you're suffering with depression or looking for a counsellor or therapist then it's very important that you reach out to the right person to support you through this time. There are many brilliant therapists out there with the right training to give you the support you need. Counselling and therapy are absolutely brilliant at supporting individuals who are struggling to function on a daily basis. Life coaching is for individuals who are functioning ok but want to get more from their life and improve their life for the better. Many of my clients work with me after having had therapy or alongside therapy. The therapy helps them unpick moments from their past and the life coaching helps them look forward to what is next in the future. 

Do you do sessions in person?

The majority of my sessions take place virtually, online via google meet, most of my clients have busy lives and appreciate not having to travel to meet. I do have some availability for in-person life coaching sessions in South London and Surrey including Wimbledon Life Coaching, Earlsfield Life Coaching, Putney Life Coaching, Wandsworth Life Coaching and Surbiton Life Coaching so please do contact me if you would like more information on in-person coaching.

What are your qualifications in coaching?

I am a certified life coach with a certificate in life coaching which is accredited by the National Counselling Society (NCS). I also strongly believe in continued growth and development and have therefore undertaken various courses to ensure my knowledge and skills in coaching are up to date in order to give my clients the best possible experience. This has included courses and modules which are accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I am currently studying to be a Positive Psychology Practitioner, studying a masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology which means I have up to date, research into Psychology and Coaching at my fingertips and I use this within my sessions. 

How do I know if I will benefit from coaching?

Results will vary from person to person depending on a variety of things such as how much time you put into your personal development between sessions, how open and honest you during sessions and how willing you are to act on things which come up for you in sessions. Due to the unique nature of every individual and their situation, no coach can guarantee results and if they claim to then you should run the other way. All of my clients to date have given me positive feedback and stated that they have benefitted from our working together (please see the testimonials on my 1-1 coaching page for more information.) I have no doubt that if you turn up to every session, complete actions between sessions and push yourself outside your comfort zone, even by just 1% that you'll see results. It is very important that you are happy with your decision to progress with any coach and that you feel confident that you will find working together beneficial. I will always book in a free, no-obligation consultation video call with any potential client to have a chat and ensure they are confident they will benefit before committing any spend.

How do I work with you?

Through one of my packages found in the 'life coaching' section of my website. Or through a workshop found in the 'workshop' tab. If you have any questions about working together don't hesitate to drop me a note! 

How much time does coaching take?

It's totally up to you. My 1-1 coaching sessions are 60 minutes long. Some clients prefer to turn up for 60 minutes, have a session and then put it to the back of their mind until we next meet. Other clients prefer to turn up for 60 minutes, go home with exercises to try in their own time and message me in between for extra support to ensure their development is continual throughout the time we work together.  

How much do you charge?

I usually work in packages, you can see all my prices on the 'life coaching' tab. Depending on what you're after I can offer bespoke options too with different price points. In this instance use the package prices as a very rough guide and get in touch and I'll work out the price once I further understand your needs.

What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

As you may have seen on my website I use Positive Psychology tools and techniques at the heart of coaching. Positive psychology is essentially the psychology of wellbeing, happiness, thriving and optimal functioning. Traditionally the study of psychology used to focus on individuals who were struggling to help them become well, positive psychology looks at helping well individuals to flourish. 

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