hello, I'm Jo

let's get warmed up with some facts about me!


i live in south west london, born and bred in surrey where i met my partner chris.

i worked in tv marketing for nearly a decade where i got to do all sorts of amazing things but after receiving life coaching myself i realised that something was missing and my favourite part of my job was coaching those who i managed to reach their own goals and hit their own potential. this realisation encouraged me to pursue a career in life coaching (more details on my qualifications in coaching can be found in 'FAQs') and seeing brilliant results from my clients and amazing feedback from everyone I work with has meant i've never looked back.

my favourite part of being a coach is watching clients get those "ah-ha!" moments about something that they've been stuck on for a while. in these moments i see the power of coaching and really love what i do. 

outside of my career...

i have a ridiculous obsession with dog, archie. when he's not chewing my stuff or barking at cats he can often be found on my social media!

i love organised fun. none of the spontaneous, impulsive stuff. organised, structured, pre-planned fun.

i have a passion for interiors and when i’m scrolling through instagram just for fun and not coach-y things you’ll find me dribbling over various home accounts.

i have a weird interest in paint, show me a paint colour and I’ll know the name and brand.  if anyone out there can find a way I can use this skill to help me in life please do let me know.

when it comes to telly; friends, the office us and the morning show are my favourite!

now you’ve heard all about me, i’d love to find out more about you and what brought you to my site, so please get in touch.

love jo x