What my clients have to say...

"Am I unstuck? Yes. Yes, so much, 1000% Unstuck. In fact, so incredibly far from stuck that it makes me laugh."

Dani. Stuck in a rut and not sure where to go next.

"One day, when my stuck-ness was particularly overwhelming and approaching boiling point, I
reached out on Twitter to ask if there was any such thing as a Life Coach and if so, did anyone
know of one? A lovely ex-colleague recommended Jo at 'The Unstuck Club' as someone who was
approachable and very easy to talk to. I somehow, as I suppose anyone who is stuck can attest, let
eight extra months pass before booking myself into a desperate 'Life MOT'

Immediately upon meeting Jo, I had a positive gut feeling. She has such a soothing professionalism,
that you instantly feel supported, but with a twinkle in her eye that just gets you so excited to run
out into the world and tackle your goals head-on. Following the 'Life MOT', I have been working
with her through the 'Full Unstuck Package' because frankly, I knew straight away that we had just
scratched the surface. Am I unstuck? Yes. Yes, so much, 1000% Unstuck. In fact, so incredibly far
from stuck that it makes me laugh. There is WAY TOO MUCH LIFE to live and I feel open and
ready for it. I came to Jo for help with my career, but it's opened up so much more than that. My
career is one part of who I am, and with Jo's help, I am finding that there is so much more to my
potential and so many more opportunities to live life by my values.

Ffion. Stuck on where to go next in her career after becoming a Mum.

"I felt for some time at a crossroads with my career; I wasn't sure which direction to go and I was getting frustrated just standing still, but couldn't see the wood for the trees. Jo helped me identify what was important to me, which really helped to clarify my options and gave me a sense of relief. Jo asked thought provoking questions and always made me feel at ease. In order to help me identify where I wanted to go, she set me some simple tasks between sessions, making me accountable which was really helpful in gaining some direction. She encouraged me to set goals in the short and mid term and really helped me put things into perspective and come to my own decisions. Thank you Jo!"

Victoria. Stuck on how to take the first step when launching a business.

"When I started working with Jo, I had an idea as to some changes that I wanted to make in my life but felt confused as to how to get there. I lacked confidence as was worried about failure and potentially not being good enough and also felt overwhelmed at how I would get to where I wanted to be. Jo helped me recognise what it was that was holding me back and how to overcome these obstacles by putting certain tools in place. She worked with me in a kind and supportive way to help me create a realistic plan with small steps to get me to my end goal. Jo's calm yet friendly manner made me feel at ease and enabled me to really engage with her throughout the process. I have gained so much through working with Jo and now feel much more confident, passionate and ready to achieve my goals."

Megan. Stuck on motivation in her life and career.

I knew for a while I needed to take the time to think about where my career was going and really assess how to make my life and work as fulfilling as possible. I was severely lacking motivation and couldn't see a way forward. 

The sessions with Jo really allowed me the space I needed to work through what was going on in my life, work and mind. Jo is a fantastic facilitator in harnessing that space and gently encouraging the process of figuring stuff out! She is an incredible listener and really has a talent for deciphering ways forward. 

I felt growth and progression after every single session, I would leave with so much positivity and motivation, and now after multiple sessions I feel confident in myself and my direction, with a sense of contentment with my life and work. 

There are suggestions Jo made that really will make a difference to my life going forward and I will definitely go back to her if I have a dip in motivation in the future. 

Sophie. Stuck on how to get her creative mojo back.

I was struggling to find the same joy in my creative work as I once did, but wasn’t sure why, or what to do next. Having been interested in the benefits of life-coaching for a while, I decided to take the plunge with a one-off coaching session with Jo, and I’m so glad I did! Jo made me feel very comfortable and supported from the beginning, and even though I’m a bit of an introvert I found myself talking away as naturally as if I was with a friend. She provided some really excellent insights that I often think about to this day, and also helped me identify some steps I could take to rediscover my creative mojo. If there’s anyone out there who’s feeling a bit unsure of themselves and is looking for some advice and support, I’d definitely recommend a one-off session with Jo – she’s brilliant!

Millie. Stuck on what to do after graduation.

I came to Jo with worries about leaving university and reluctantly starting a new graduate job that I was unsure was the right move for me. After only 2 sessions Jo had encouraged me to explore all possible avenues and I quickly came to the conclusion that the job is what I wanted. She supported me on progressing quickly, making better work friends and how to tackle imposter syndrome, and now I'm actually excited to leave uni life behind and start a new era.

Daphne. Stuck on how to grow her business.

Jo is a creative and thoughtful coach who took the time to find out what I wanted and needed from our session for me to have the confidence to move into using social media more extensively to promote my therapy business. Jo was very supportive and followed up our session ensuring I set goals for myself to give myself realistic targets.